The QPM was developed by Action for Advocacy in 2008, with a second edition released in 2010.  It built upon the Advocacy Charter, Quality Standards for Advocacy Schemes and the Advocacy Code of Practice to provide a robust national test of the quality of independent advocacy provision.

Action for Advocacy delivered the QPM until 2013, by which time over 80 providers of independent advocacy had been awarded the QPM, with many more using the QPM Workbook as a framework for organisational development.

Action for Advocacy unfortunately closed in 2013 and the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) was commissioned by Department of Health and the former Action for Advocacy Trustees to review and re-launch the QPM and the Advocacy Code of Practice. The review took place between October 2013 and March 2014 and involved: gathering feedback from advocacy providers and commissioners on the content and value of the QPM; engagement with a range of key stakeholders and working in partnership with ex-Action for Advocacy staff and trustees. The review also focused on learning from Winterbourne View and other cases of neglect or abuse.

In April 2014, the 3rd edition of the QPM was launched, with a revised Assessment Process to ensure that it retains and further develops its reputation as a robust and reliable indicator of quality in independent advocacy.

The Advocacy Code of Practice is currently under revision, and will be available shortly.

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