Following the Site Assessment, the QPM Assessor will compile a report, clearly demonstrating evidence against the quality indicators. This report will then be reviewed by the QPM Project Manager.   Following this, a detailed report will be sent to the organisation applying for the QPM Award.  

Successful organisations will achieve the QPM Award for a period of 3 years and can use the QPM Award logo on materials to demonstrate their commitment and ability to providing high quality independent advocacy.  After 3 years, organisations must re-apply for the QPM Award.

 If organisations have been unsuccessful, the QPM Assessor will provide feedback on areas which need to be developed to achieve the QPM Award.  If the organisation and QPM Assessor agree that these areas can be addressed within a few months, a plan may be put in place to re-assess specific areas on a particular date, when the QPM will be awarded, subject to satisfactory development.