OPAAL has recently launched 2 new films as part of its Department of Health funded, Older People’s Cancer Voices project.

You can now watched both David and Mike on OPAAL new YouTube channel.

David, his family and advocates talk about the impact of his cancer diagnosis, his wish to remain at home for as long as possible, and how his advocate offered him support, increased confidence and companionship as his treatment plan has changed.

Mike talks about the impact of his cancer diagnosis, recovery from alcohol addiction, how his life was taken over by the thought of cancer and how things changed for him when he was introduced to Bob, his volunteer peer advocate.  Bob was someone he could talk to, someone who knew cancer and who helped Mike to feel more confident going for treatment and check-ups.

OPAAL would appreciate your help to make sure Mike and David’s voices are heard. Could you please share both films and associated materials with your colleagues and throughout your networks?

To help you to do this OPAAL has suggested the following:

1)    Make plans to show the film to older people and carers, health and care professionals, local community groups; help OPAAL to make sure people know about advocacy for older people affected by cancer by showing the film locally.  If you have an idea for an audience OPAAL can provide leaflets and resources to help you to do this.  Share the films via email and social media with local professionals who work with older people affected by cancer, or who will come into contact with this cohort in their work.

2)    By sharing the films with your colleagues and via your networks; if your organisation has a social media team, produces a newsletter or hosts content like this on your website OPAAL would love you to tell the person who makes this happen about Mike and David’s Stories.

3)    OPAAL will be sharing clips and stills from these and forthcoming films on their twitter feed. They’d be grateful if you could retweet/share materials as you see them (and when you use the hashtag #advocacyworks they will retweet and help others to engage with you on Twitter too!) – you can find OPAAL at @opaaluk and @opaalcopa. Help get a conversation going. 

4)    OPAAL have written a few tweets that might be helpful and feel free to tweak/ add to them; they’re using the hashtag #mycanceradvocacystory to get people involved sharing their experiences too:

  • Watch David’s Story, the first film in @opaalUK’s Older People’s Cancer Voices series youtu.be/JbYXWYMfuV8 #mycanceradvocacystory
  • Meet David, his family and advocates as he talks about the impact of his cancer diagnosis youtu.be/JbYXWYMfuV8 #mycanceradvocacystory
  • “I came down to Bournemouth to get off the booze, getting cancer was not part of my plans” #mycanceradvocacystory youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI
  • Mike on living with cancer “it’s essential to talk to someone who has been there” #mycanceradvocacystory youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI
  • Watch Mike’s Story, the latest film in @opaalUK’s Older People’s Cancer Voices series youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI#mycanceradvocacystory
  • Meet Mike and his peer advocate Bob as he talks about the impact of his cancer diagnosis youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI#mycanceradvocacystory
  • Be part of #mycanceradvocacystory – watch @opaalUK’s latest film and share your own experience youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI
  • Older people want to tell you about their personal experience of cancer.  Follow #mycanceradvocacystory via @opaalUK youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI
  • Follow #mycanceradvocacystory to find out more about how advocacy works for older people affected by cancer youtu.be/l2KPasvjbiI@opaalUK

For further information contact Angela Broadbridge: [email protected]